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A Floral Photoshoot

Last week I had the pleasure of working with my wonderful friend, Charlotte Hailstone, and her very talented mother, Nicola Hailstone, on my first floral photoshoot!

This year's prime opportunities to advertise and market the business are fast approaching and I knew Charlotte and Nicola would be able to capture some gorgeous images that I could use to represent me and my floral style. It was also a great excuse to spend a beautiful sunny day in the New Town, Edinburgh and to get creative!

The process began with a trip to The Flower Bank in Carlisle to select flowers for the displays. I always love visiting the market and being surrounded by so many beautiful blooms. I reminds me of being little and standing in front of a pic'n'mix stand...and I still struggle now not to over do it and take some of everything! After a look around and a coffee made by the lovely Judith, I picked out some colours and textures that would work and headed home.

Next I visited Kate at The Walled Garden Arkleton. We foraged for some bits of greenery, old vines and branches to add to my displays. We have so many plans for how we can use home-grown and foraged flora in future projects and it is great for me to be able to use other local businesses.

The arrangements were done in a day and the next morning I headed up to Edinburgh. We shot the pictures in a stunning New Town flat, moving from room to room to make the best use of light, backgrounds and staging. The music was on, I was doing last minute changes and arrangements, Charlotte and Nicola were staging and snapping. They both managed to get some great images and I am so grateful to them for the work they did in such a short time.

I'm looking forward to sharing more of the images with you soon, and bring on the next photoshoot because I LOVED it!

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